Those who have ever fallen in love with a Brazilian woman know very well how difficult it is to explain why we liked a particular person. Nevertheless, psychologists are constantly conducting research, trying to understand the nature of this feeling. 









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When you’re thinking about dating a Brazilian bride, you need to know how to avoid falling victim to scammers. It’s best to avoid revealing too much personal information on the first date. Wait until you have spent some time with the bride to get to know her better. If you notice that she is always chatting about her problems, you should probably stay away from her. This is a sign of scamming.

Brazilian brides come with a unique personality that can be challenging to understand at first. These women often have an active and boisterous nature. This makes them the perfect audience for your first date. They are often extremely enthusiastic and can make a first date a memorable one. If you’re looking for a woman who is fun, friendly, and passionate, then Brazilian brides are the perfect choice.

In the process of studying love from the point of view of psychology, experts found out some interesting Brazilian women facts. Some common myths about what attracts us to these people were debunked, while others, on the contrary, turned out to be true. So why date a Brazilian woman?

5 reasons for dating a Brazilian woman

1. They are hard-to-reach women

In 2014, an experiment was conducted that confirmed the widespread belief that men were attracted to hard-to-reach women. In a series of quick meetings, representatives of the stronger sex showed much greater interest in those who showed absolute indifference in answering their questions. However, these conclusions are not universal and have their limitations.

2. Brazilian women are always happy

In 2011, scientists decided to conduct a large-scale study, in which more than a thousand people took part. All subjects were shown pictures of representatives of the opposite sex and asked to evaluate the degree of attractiveness of these people. As a result, men gave the highest marks to those women who looked happy, and the lowest to those who seemed arrogant. The opinion of women regarding the attractiveness of partners turned out to be the exact opposite: proud men won their hearts, but the happy ones did not impress at all.

3. Brazilians are very similar in the inner world to us

Dozens of years of research have proven exactly that the already-rooted stereotype that “opposites attract” is complete rubbish. Partners who are similar in many ways, such as personality type, are more likely to get along. It facilitates mutual understanding in life with your mail order brides.

4. Brazilian women answer your requests for attention

When dating a Brazilian woman, the beginning and development of relations very much depend on the reaction of partners to each other and to “requests for attention”. 

Imagine a situation: a wife notices a beautiful bird with colorful plumage outside the window. She offers a look at this bird to her husband, who is next to her. How will he react to this? 

There are many options. A man can ignore his wife’s words or nod indifferently at her. Or, for example, he can really pay attention to the object that his woman liked so much, sharing her enthusiasm. It is not difficult to guess which reaction of the partner in a similar situation will bring the couple closer, and which will distance the spouses from each other.

And such behavior is a must for Brazilian women. You can always be sure to find support in her eyes.

5. These ladies are smart

When you meet a witty girl, it’s hard enough not to see that cleverness is hidden behind this smile. Believe us, if a woman constantly makes you smile and laugh, it’s not by chance – this is deliberate – and we are sure that such a girl is well aware that sometimes she has a certain power over you.

That is exactly what dating Brazilian women mean. She knows how to criticize in a way as not to offend anyone; she knows how to find the right moment to shed light on the situation, and you would never have confused her sense of humor with rudeness.

It makes you think, and the ability to evoke thoughts – even with the help of humor – proves that she is in the know, and not just another “limited product” of our generation. Getting tired of the girl who constantly makes you think is almost impossible.

Intriguing Brazilian women facts

  • Brazilian women don’t need high stilettos to be attractive

There are girls who are fixated on their appearance. Such women are often nicer to watch than communicate with them. It is almost impossible to build long-term relationships with such women.

No matter what they wear or which filter they choose before uploading photos on Instagram, women with a good sense of humor will always attract your attention when they want it.

  • Brazilian women are real

In the modern world, so many women are trying to appear not to be who they really are. They do a lot exclusively for Instagram, and forget that Instagram is not real life – it is a social platform. And no matter how many likes you get, this does not mean that you can transfer these “likes” to the real world. Dating in Brazil, you’ll notice that these girls are sincere, and other sincere people cannot help but notice them.

  • Brazilian women are confident

There really aren’t many shy comedians, are there? At least not many of them have succeeded. Anyone who had ever tried to joke at dinner before doing this had to feel some kind of inner tension. But this is not the nature of Brazilians.

A good sense of humor speaks of courage in society, and of self-confidence. Cheerful women usually know that they are funny, and there is something sexual in this ability to use humor as a tool to attract attention.