Wanted: Beautiful, intelligent, loyal brides who will love rich men.

An understanding tolerance of my long hours spent working to earn even more money for us both to enjoy is imperative.









Olivia is looking to make new connections. She has registered to meet new people, make friends, and, most importantly, find the love of her life. All she wants from her future husband is love and care. If you are ready to be a real man for Olivia, don't hesitate to meet.

Meet Olivia!

Do not apply for this position if you lack an oozing self-confidence. Having your own intellectual and life pursuits will give you an irresistible and distinct advantage. Does this sound like you? Do you qualify as one of the Brides for Billionaires?

Are you having trouble thinking of yourself as one of the potential Brides for Billionaires?

The opening wants ad is a bit exaggerated, but if put into simpler terms, it would not be any different from a regular personal ad. Basically, the above is asking for a self-respecting, loving woman who has a life and is able to make a commitment. Believe it or not, billionaires are people too. They want to connect with their soul mates and be unconditionally loved just like everybody else, with the chemistry, commonalities, respect, and synergy required for a special relationship. Doesn’t sound so far-fetched anymore, does it?

While all humans have the same basic need for love, there are things to consider before you answer the ad to be a bridal contender for the elite.

Life Interests

He is likely into work, polo/yachting, exotic travel, caviar. Does the idea of being part of that lifestyle appeal to you? Can you mix and mingle with his business associates and social networking groups with grace and aplomb? If so, keep reading.

Work, Specifically

Business is vital to the billionaire. It’s how he came to have a billion, after all. A wealthy man’s ambition is the very thing that keeps him at the top of his game. He has worked hard to have and be the best, and he means to keep things that way. Can you put up with his work schedule – without resentment? Great, read on.

Self-confidence is A Must

Regardless of which financial pool you’re dating from, self-confidence is what attracts the best of the opposite sex. Your rich guy is especially appreciative of your healthy self-worth, as he is totally confident in himself and his own abilities. You still a candidate?

Trust and Pre-nup

If you want your wealthy man to feel secure and trusting of you, give him reason to. If you really like this guy, do the same as you would if he weren’t rich. Be genuine, committed, and trustworthy.

Something that potential brides for Billionaires want to be aware of is the wealthy man’s need to protect himself, his reputation, and his interests. Be prepared for the possibility of a prenuptial agreement. Don’t be offended, just be prepared. Don’t forget, your rich man is a man, not a bank account.

Now, can you picture yourself walking down the aisle with a billionaire? Good! Hold that vision, and take the next easy action step towards it. Sign up for free, and contact the wealthy love of your life.

How to Attract a Billionaire

Many of us dream of finding a gorgeous Billionaire who will fall madly in love with us. Oh, life is easy from that point on, isn’t it? Just one problem. How on earth do you attract a billionaire in the first place?

First off, stop looking desperately, and desperate. Your rich guy or gal got to the pinnacle of business with a driving confidence that is most likely a large part of his or her success. As like attracts like, your best bet is to work on your self-image. To attract confidence, you must exude confidence yourself. That will catch anyone’s eye, but is of special importance to a billionaire who will no doubt need you to participate in entertaining business and social acquaintances.

While it may sound a little shallow, your appearance is very important. You are the flower attracting the bee. As such, you need to be as put together and attractive as you can be. Get and keep your hair done in the style that suits you best. Make sure your wardrobe is flattering to your coloring, body type, and the image that you’re trying to project. If you have one part of your body that you consider particularly attractive, play it up while remaining stylish. Remember the paragraph about self-confidence? Confidence is not slutty.

You may be hoping to tie the billionaire knot, but in order to get there, you need to have a life of your own. A little independence can go a long way with the opposite sex. If you enjoy your life even without a billionaire mate, that great new rich person you’ve just met will not worry (at least for long) about you becoming clingy and boring. You will be bringing something of yourself to the table and will have something interesting to share. Have a life that your billionaire will want to be part of.

Learn more about how to attract a billionaire by signing in at an online dating site and reading the billionaire and billionaire profiles. Get it straight from the source – the rich people themselves – then make contact. Let your confidence show and a relationship will grow!